18. Mai 2010

NewScientist: «Living in Denial»

NewScientist, das hervorragende, im Wochentakt erscheinende englischsprachige Wissenschaftsmagazin setzt in der aktuellen Ausgabe (2760 vom 15. Mai 2010) den Themenschwerpunkt «Living in Denial»:
From climate change to vaccines, evolution to flu, denialists are on the march. Why are so many people refusing to accept what the evidence is telling them? Over the next 10 pages we look at the phenomenon in depth. What is denial? What attracts people to it? How does it start, and how does it spread? And finally, how should we respond to it?

Insbesondere der Artikel «When a sceptic isn't a sceptic» ist lesenswert, da er treffend den Unterschied zwischen Skepsis und unkritischer Leugnung beschreibt. Hier ein Auszug:
WHAT is the difference between a sceptic and a denier? When I call myself a sceptic, I mean that I take a scientific approach to the evaluation of claims. A climate sceptic, for example, examines specific claims one by one, carefully considers the evidence for each, and is willing to follow the facts wherever they lead.
A climate denier has a position staked out in advance, and sorts through the data employing "confirmation bias" - the tendency to look for and find confirmatory evidence for pre-existing beliefs and ignore or dismiss the rest. [...]

Also auf zum nächstgelegenen Kiosk.

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